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Throttle Cable
NCE makes the following endorsement of their UTP-DIN cab panel:
"Recommended for large club installations. This panel combines low cost with rugged DIN jacks for long life."

This product installs on the fascia on the front edge of the layout, for plugging your Cab (throttle) into and connecting to the layout. 

Before NCE made this product, APN designed a very similar device based on wiring information in the Wangrow SystemOne Manual.  These "homemade" jacks are what is in use on our layout.  

With NCE's introduction of their own version of this type of panel, they also now offer a throttle cable with a DIN plug, however they do not ship this cable with their Cabs.  They do offer one for sale as an accessory, their "Coilcord-DIN". part number 524-210.  The downsides of using the NCE part:

  • the RJ11 plug end will need to be replaced and reversed (someone at the club can help you with this) to make it compatible with our jacks
  • it has a 90° plug that will point upward when plugged into our throttle jacks
  • it is only 7' long (this is usually adequate, but the cables most members use are 10' in length)

As an alternative to buying this DIN plug equipped NCE cord, (which are not stocked by all local hobby shops), you can opt to build your own using this article.  If you are uncomfortable with building your own, check with a member of the electrical committee.  From time to time they take orders to build cables as a convenience to members.  From time to time, the committee also makes up a small inventory of cables, and these can be purchased from the Club.

The choice of coiled cord used is of importance as there are some types of cables that have wire that is next to impossible to solder to. We have not had that problem using the part numbers shown below. Substitute other makes of cord at your own risk.

Remember to slip the rubber/vinyl boot over the cable before soldering to the plug!



Links to the recommended materials:
        5 pin DIN Plug Mouser 502-05GM5MX
      10' coil cord
Digi-Key p/n H3642-10C-ND

or if you prefer a shorter or longer cord:

        7' coil cord Digi-Key p/n H3642-07C-ND
      14' coil cord
Digi-Key p/n H3642-14C-ND


They say a picture is worth a thousand words!




Here's a picture of a DIN plug after soldering the coiled cord to it, showing the correct placement of the wire colors.

Remember to crimp the shell half to the cable, before assembling the plug's shell and slipping the outer plastic boot over the shell.

















Here is a picture of a complete throttle cable, between a pair of NCE's more popular Cabs



Updated 02/11/2020