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Mike Kremheller, member of All Points North Model Railroad Club

Mike Kremheller

  • Appointed VP in 2006, re-elected and served as APN Vice President for 2007
  • Recipient of the President's Award in 2006
  • Chairman of the Rolling Stock Committee
  • Past Chairman of the Scenery Committee
  • Co-recipient of the Team Award in 2008
  • Recipient of the 2010 T-Bone Award
  • Co-Mayor of P1



Mike Kremheller installing cardboard lattice for the foundation of a mountain going in on the layout of APN
Installing a lattice foundation to a future mountain


Mike Kremheller receiving the 2006 APN President's award
Recipient of 2006 President's Award


Mike Kremheller uncoupling his cab units from his train during a 2007 operating session on APN
Uncoupling from his train during an op session


Mike Kremheller supervises as Charlie Richmond mixes Hydrocal to make castings at APN
Making sure Charlie does it right


Mike rubs elbows with Don Bozman as they operate on Don's Great Great Northern layout
Click here for more photos from op sessions on Don's layout


Mike & Sherry Kremheller and Judy & Bob Miller watch as a log train navigates Mundwiller switchback


As a member of the Scenery Committee, shown here receiving the 2008 Team Award


Mike Kremhellor
Building trains during the February, 2024 operating session
Created on 03/23/2007
Updated 02/26/2024