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Photo Galleries
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Building dedication and modular layout
Starting construction of the permanent layout
The layout is in - Let's run some trains!
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Narrow gauge line
Our first official Operating Session
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APN's first official Operating Session
February 3, 2007 - First Operating Session
Well, we finally went and did it, and had a good turnout for a great way to play with trains, an "op session".  Here are some of the photos from this historic event


A trio of F-units rumble in the yard waiting for the op session, which was set in the transition era

And we got cabooses! Here a few of them sit in the yard waiting for trains to be made up

John Christiansen sprucing up the paper mill in preparation for the Op Session to be held later in the day

Johnny Krezinski looks on as John applies some extra elbow grease to get that railhead to shine

Jim Dunnuck presses a lot of horsepower into service to push the track cleaning car around,
as an added tweak to make the session run smoothly

Here Dispatcher Scott Kurzawski briefs some of the members on communications protocol

Rich Clayton setting up the location of cars on the layout in the program RailOp

Rich is seen here making up more trains and switch lists

Mike Kremheller runs one of the first trains out of the chute, this troop train

Steve Dennis and Duane Darling pull the Super Chief job

Errol Coker runs this MoPac Eagle train through the town of Big Bend

Roger Macauley pulls a coal drag with these F-Units

Scott and Rich at the dispatcher's panel watching the progression of the trains in real time,
allowing Scott to arrange meets for the flurry of activity across the Conroe Division

John calls the dispatcher for permission to pull out of the yard as the troop train passes on the high line

Operations Superintendent Rich Clayton explains the switch list to Mike and Johnny

UP along the river and AT&SF on the high line as Robert, Duane and Mike look on

The got crowded as 1 crew works the yard and 2 others run their passenger trains across the aisle

Johnny shows Mike which car he needs to get next

Catastrophe hits as a passenger car plunges to the canyon floor!

Johnny Krezinski looks on as Steve Dennis rerails the car after looking for survivors

Roger uncouples a cut of cars at the mine tipple

Duane has the wrong cap on to work as engineer of this Super Chief

Steve Dennis assembling his train in Conroe Yard

Brakeman Mike Kremheller uncouples a cut of cars for engineer Johnny Krezinski

The Troop Train makes another turn, this time with Kevin Grandjean at the throttle

Rich and Roger reviewing the switch list for the coal job

Scott suggests how a set-out can be accomplished to John and Rich

Rich Cutler looks up from studying his manifest,
which has his orders for which cars to set out and pick up

John Christiansen and Rich Cutler get the local switcher out of the Conroe Yard

John radios in and Rich notches down his switcher as they approach West Roxburgh

The Super Chief returns west with Kevin at the controls

The Super Chief has a leg up on the Eagle

Conductor Robert Miller watches Engineer Mike Kelley pull their Challenger into
Bjornsburg Yard at the end of their run.  Time to tie it up and go get some beans.

Rich debriefs a couple of train crews after they've completed their runs

All the fun had us pretty hungry. Here the hanger-ons devour pizza that
took an hour and a half to get there as the pizza guy got lost.

Steve Dennis, Rich Clayton, Kevin Grandjean, Mike Kremheller and Scott Kurzawski


Updated 04/22/2022