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Photo Galleries
We found a new home
Building dedication and modular layout
Starting construction of the permanent layout
The layout is in - Let's run some trains!
Working on the railroad
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Narrow gauge line
Our first official Operating Session
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APN Operating Session
June 23, 2007 Operating Session
We had a few invited guests at our third operating session: Don Bozman, Peter Bryan and Arthur Penny.  The whole crew seemed to have fun, and after the session we had a debriefing where Don and Peter provided us with constructive feedback, and we had a discussion about APN's future participation in ProRail 2007


Pre-session orientation.  Bob, Rich, guest Don Bozman, Duane, Charlie, Chip and guest Peter Bryan


Roger explains the call out board to guest Jane Butler


Richard discusses train assignments with Randy


Ops Committee chairman Roger explaining the staged trains to Greg and Mike


Let's roll some trains! 
Lot's of action as John, Bob, Steve and Kevin start the op session with a flurry of departing trains


Rich running train #55, an Amtrak passenger train


Guest Arthur Penny, Duane and guest Don Bozman.
Duane feather-beds as fireman, Arthur is conductor and Don engineer of this BNSF coal train.


Guest Peter Bryan handles the grain train at Port Keechi


Charlie classifying cars in Conroe Yard


Rich trying his hand at the Dispatcher desk. Note the high tech post-it notes he is "cheating" with.
The dispatching program has since been modified to help mitigate the need for these in the future.


Bob hauling an intermodal train


Don and Arthur backing a coal train down the mine spur


Chip with the Sunset Limited


Don cuts out some coal cars at the tipple


Ray getting excited about a new shipment of VW classics from Germany


Charlie points out trouble with a UP engine to Roger


Charlie caught red handed 0-5-0'ing that locomotive!


It's not Great Northern, but Don still seems to be enjoying himself


Charlie studies his switch list to plan his next move


Miguel flew in from Spain to attend this op session


Guest Greg Butler poking the head of his Amtrak train out of the tunnel


Errol studies an APN route map to plan his trip before departing


Steve and a friend pull a peddler freight out of Big Bend


Moe holds his coal train while he waits for the intermodal to clear


A lot of activity in Conroe yard


Larry gets the intermodal out on the main line to high-ball


Mike and guest Greg Butler do a roll-by inspection


Mike pulling a short freight past Sabinal station


Richard eases an intermodal through Keechi yard


Mike makes a passenger stop at Neath


Steve eases into Big Bend to make some set outs and pick ups


Roger making up new trains in RailOp


David starts out with his grain train

Charlie making a run around move at Paulsboro


Roger leads a post-session debriefing



Updated 02/11/2020